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Somehow, you’ve found this page…

I’m not sure how you got here, but I’m grateful! There’s very little going on yet, but if for some reason you’re interested, feel free to subscribe and you’ll get an update when things get rolling! Nag me on twitter, too, if you’d like! 😀

Last fall, I said I would finally give in to the desire to start my own blog and YouTube channel. But shortly after, I got the flu, followed by a nasty case of bronchitis. Now, time is hurtling towards spring, I’m pretty much recovered, and I’m thinking about the blog again. There are a number of things I need to do before I can start, though. Mostly because I need to start this right. I don’t want to start half-cocked and feel underwhelmed with my posts and videos, when I know exactly how it should look when done well. Not looking for perfection, just better than average. My best guess on the ETA is sometime this summer. Though I’d love for it to be sooner!

Here’s what I’ll be working on in the meantime:

Creating a blog design.

From scratch. Because I’m ambitious and because I have very specific ideas of how it needs to look. Much of it is undecided, so it will take a while. I’m working on designwork now. Slowly. Typography choices, color schemes, very specific layout choices, accessibility measures, hand-vectored custom icons, etc. etc. etc. After that, I’ll have to teach myself WordPress and theme it all up into what will be a great, unique website. And then finally, I’ll have to purchase webhosting so that I can run a custom site with the new design.

Cleaning and remodeling my room.

This might sound like an odd goal and completely unrelated to this blog. But in reality, where I take my photos and videos has an impact on how they look, how the colors and finishes show up, and how comfortable I feel filming in the location.

This has also just needed to happen for a while now. My room turned into a storage room when I went to college and now it’s a mixture of past and current belongings, clothing, papers, etc. And it was never fully “modeled” in the first place, so the remodeling work, even if very minimal, will be satisfying. Once I can get it all cleaned out and organized, I want to put up a fresh coat of paint and trim the doorways and windows. Come summer, I hope it will be truly camera-ready. 🙂

Getting a camera, ideally for video, too.

I’m not sure how long this will take to accomplish. I’m living month-to-month in terms of money right now, but by summer I should have at least a couple hundred dollars saved for a relatively good camera. Though I’m not all that concerned with getting a great video camera (at least when starting out) because my MacBook Pro actually takes fairly decent video.

Preparing content.

This part should be fun. I haven’t let myself do too much in this area until I start to get the blog designed. Because what’s the point of spending time playing around with ideas for content when the medium for communication isn’t on its way?

I have quite a few ideas for videos and more than my fair share to say! So I’ll be planning out my videos to be short (-ish), targeted, and as helpful and informative as possible. I will also take some time to plan out looks I’d like to do, and most important of all, ways to get my readers and viewers involved and engaged. I have a few ideas of fun website features that I’d love to see lots of people participate in. And some complicated resources to provide for you in the near-distant future (aka, not when the blog first starts up!)

If you did happen to get here and are still interested in all this, let me know in the comments what you’re looking for in a beauty blog site! It can be anything: specific features, community type, characteristics of the blogger/editor, colors of the pages, things you’ll be able to do, anything! Maybe you have questions you’d like answered, problems you’d like help with, makeup brands you’d like reviews on, looks you’d like to learn how to create.

Much love! Thanks for reading!



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